We work to complement your family life by nurturing your child's body, mind and spirit.

We recognize that your child is a unique individual and we offer first hand experiences, together with adult guidance, in order to encourage your child to develop at his/her own pace.

We complement your parenting role and assist you in the process of raising independent, happy and responsible children.

We introduce in our curriculum new levels of learning based on the particular emotional and cognitive readiness of your child. We also recognize and respect the importance of free play and natural curiosity as a basis for his/her successful learning experience.


At TLC, we:

  • Give the children the ‘Best of both Worlds’ environment – preschool and home – by providing a variety of learning through play activities in a warm and nurturing environment while maintaining a family atmosphere.
  • Work in partnership with parents to promote the healthy and optimal development of each child. We believe that parents play the most important role in their child’s development and have the right to expect the best of care for their children when they are not with them.
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment for all children in our care which encourages independent exploration and experimentation within a variety of stimulating learning activity centers.
  • Ensure that caregivers provide the essential tools to help your child build the necessary social, emotional, physical and cognitive behavior development in his/her exposure to group interaction.
  • Make sure we develop and prepare your child to make a successful transition to Kindergarten.


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